Frequently Asked Questions

I want a combination of both colour and black & white for my wedding – is that possible?
Yes, as we shoot digitally, we select a variety of images and convert them into black and white. You will also still have those images in colour.

Do you have a photographic studio for portrait? 
Yes , so studio portarits are easy to organise at any time before or after the wedding.

How long should I plan for the post wedding pictures (formals)?
Depending on your choice of location, travel time and time of day (quality of light) between 1-3 hours.

Do you carry backup equipment?
Yes, this is one advantage of using a professional team to cover your wedding.

Do you travel outside Melbourne? 
Yes, please ask us about our competitive travel rates outside Melbourne.

Can you retouch photographs
Yes, we can extensively retouch  photos, an additional fee is required for this

Is a wedding album included in the price? 
No. We are happy to discuss your wedding album options with you, which include fully-designed photo montages. Album prices start from around $1000.

Do we need to provide a meal if you are attending the reception? 
We tend to perform better with food in our stomachs! We don’t need to sit with your guests (though we’re happy to); most reception venues have a side room where photographers can eat.

Do you require a deposit? 
Yes, a deposit of 30% is required to confirm your booking.  A further 40% is required before your wedding, and the remaining 30 percent when everything is picked up.

How long after the  wedding do we get our photographs
You will get  your photos within 4 weeks. Please ask if you need it before this.

How will you be dressed? 
We are our dressed  to fit in with your guests, this is usually black pants and a shirt and tie

 How do we book you for a wedding? 
The first step is to organise a visit to our studio. In addition to seeing some samples of our work, we can answer all your questions and – importantly – you will know if you feel comfortable with us. Once your requirements and a price are agreed upon, you complete our online booking form and pay your deposit to secure the date of your wedding.

How long should I plan for the post wedding pictures (formals)?
Depending on your choice of location, travel time and time of day (quality of light) between 1-3 hours.

Some photographers ask that no one else take pictures during the formal photography. Is that reasonable?
We don’t find it a problem that there are other people taking photos.

How can I reserve my date?
Simple. Just contact us via phone or email. We meet you to know your need, and explain our packages to you. You either choose one of our off the shelf packages, or we put together a custom package for you. There is an online form http://idoweddings.net.au/booking/ once the deposit has been made your wedding is booked.

Do you do bridal and engagement portraits?
We offer both bridal and engagement portrait sessions. These sessions are included as part of some of our packages, or they can be purchased as separate options.

What shooting style do you use for weddings?
We use a combination shooting style, mixing a candid photo approach (occasionally referred to as a photojournalistic style) with the more traditional posed formal photographs. Much of the style that we use is determined by the agreement that we reach with the bride and groom concerning the type of shots that they want us to use to tell the story of their wedding. If there is a particular look that you love tell us and will do our best to include this look.

How many photos do you take during the wedding day?
When we work together, both shooting, we can capture over 2000 images at an average wedding. It is rare for us to shoot less than 1500 photos at a wedding, even a small wedding of relatively short duration. All images are sorted through carefully and you are given the best of everything shot on the day.

Should I make a list of my desired photos for the wedding photographer?
idoweddings.net.au requests a list of photos of family combinations and desired Bride and Groom shots to insure all wedding photos are  taken. Please bring along all of your ideas to the pre wedding meetings.

When will I receive my album and photos?
Your main album, 6”x4” photos in proof albums and the enlargements become ready within 6-8 weeks following the wedding. We deliver them to you either in person or by mail.

Do you travel to regional Victoria?
Yes.If your wedding is aDo you travel out-of-state?
This is negotiable upon request; travel expenses (e.g. airfare, accommodation) must be provided.

Do you work to formulas? 

No, we at idoweddings hate formularised wedding photography. We work with you to achieve fantastic photographs and respond to the environment that you have created. We do not force you to be photographed in front of the same buildings we photographed a couple last week.