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I am having fund now with a new iphone program called instagram. These photos are just some funny little moment captured and edited on my iphone 4s. Check out what I have been up to

I Do Weddings – great supplier list

For flowers in the Balaclava area go and see Natasha or Domenic at Big on Flowers inc Carlisle Street and they will look after you.

Wedding Photography is like falling backwards

Have you heard of that trust/relationship building exercise where you literally have to fall backwards from a standing position? You have to trust that your partner is going to catch you and prevent you from hitting the ground.

Wedding photography is not like buying whitegoods

Wedding photography is not like buying whitegoods. All I mean this by this is look further than ‘how much’ and ‘what do I get’. My advice to anyone about to engage a wedding photographer is find someone who does great work that you like, find someone you really want to be with you on your wedding day and find someone who is going to treat you well after you sign the contract and pay your deposit. This may seem pretty […]

Australian Jewish News – Wedding Supplement

A while back I put in an eight of a page advertisement into the Australian Jewish News supplement, submitted a couple of photographs and thought nothing more of it until the publication arrived in the mail last week. As well as my eight of a page advertisement I got the front cover of the magazine, and the photos heavily used throughout the supplement! Here is the cover photo

I Do Weddings – Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple and strict. We do not like our details being distributed so we don’t do it to you. We do not keep a lot of information about you. The only people who will see your details are our staff, who need to know what you order. Occasionally we will send you emails with new product information if you have given us permission. Regards, I Do Weddings  

Unique 3 stage image processing at I Do Weddings – Photography

I love computers and digital photography and have been refining my workflow technique for a while now and have recently come up with a 3 stage post production technique that I use for all of my weddings I shoot. As well as outputting the files to different resolutions eg high res is the full size file (approx 60 mb), medium res (suitable for post card prints, and email sized files, I also output all of the files in 3 lots […]

My trip to Mildura to photograph Annika and Dennis’s wedding 10th of April 2010

Well often when I am traveling I am in such a hurry to where I am going that I don’t take any photographs; this trip was an exception. The Mallee country North of Bendigo has a solemn, quiet beauty to it that takes a city boy like me with some surprise. The clouds and the light after some rain were just amazing.

10 tips for choosing a wedding photographer

Here are some tips (or suggestions)  that I believe everyone should think about when employing a wedding photographer, If anyone has any more I would be keen to hear them 🙂 10 steps to choosing a wedding photographer (in no particular order) • Choose a photographer who does great work • Choose a photographer who you will enjoy spending your wedding day with. • Do you get all of the images in high resolution images (un watermarked) from the photographer? […]

My wedding photography philosophy…

Hi again, I guess I want to start out by telling you a my philosophy to wedding photography.  What I love about weddings is they are always full of real emotion, often the laughter mixed in the tears of joy. There is tension on peoples faces at times, occasionally things go a little awry (like the marquee starts to leak in the middle of the wedding ceremony) but its always fun, and exciting. What I dislike in wedding photography is […]