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Carly and Mathews’ wedding in Mildura

Carley and Mathews’ wedding was held in the picturesque township of Mildura township on a warm day earlier this year. The day started out at the Calder Caravan Park (Carley’s parents Ian and Grace run this) with the groomsmen preparing clothing, speeches and keeping the pre wedding nerves at bay. The Ceremony was held in the Gol Gol Gardens (beautiful gardens just across the Murray) that I have become quite familiar with in the last couple of years. The photography […]

Annika and Dennis’ marriage at the Grand Hotel in Mildura

I love photographing weddings outside of Melbourne and when the invitation to photograph Annika and Dennis’s wedding in Mildura came up I was really pleased. They are a great couple who got married at the Gol Gol Ampelon gardens before returning (via a very scenic route) to the Grand Hotel in the middle of Mildura. Here are some photographs, the opportunity didn’t get past me to dine out at Stefano’s restaurant with my wife Ines the night before. I have […]

My trip to Mildura to photograph Annika and Dennis’s wedding 10th of April 2010

Well often when I am traveling I am in such a hurry to where I am going that I don’t take any photographs; this trip was an exception. The Mallee country North of Bendigo has a solemn, quiet beauty to it that takes a city boy like me with some surprise. The clouds and the light after some rain were just amazing.